Support that we Offer

Counselling  Face-to-Face Counselling 

A trained counsellor helps to explore difficulties, resolve issues or deal with problems. Counselling is designed to manage and bring about effective changes in thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Online Counselling     kooth-logo

This service is supplied by who offers free online counselling, which can be accessed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and can be completely anonymous.

Play Therapy Play/Creative Therapy

A very creative approach to help modify behaviours, clarify ideas about themselves and build healthy relationships. It allows children to explore, express and make sense of their experiences in a safe, non-threatening way.

Dramatherapy  Drama therapy

Offers the use of drama, theatre and therapy. It uses techniques from the creative arts to empower individuals to voice or express their personal and emotional life experiences.

Family Therapy Therapeutic Work with Families

The therapist works to enable the family to express and explore difficult thoughts or emotions safely and constructively. The family will build on their collective strengths and explore changes that may benefit them.