‘Change The Game’ Training

Image7It is often said of a child that challenges, that he or she becomes difficult to engage, that they may struggle to fit in, to find, maintain and build trust in relationships with others. “They won’t talk, they shut down, they won’t behave, they break the rules, and they disrespect authority.”

We understand that sometimes children create barriers to social learning and interaction for many different, common and complex reasons. But what if there was something that could Change the Game; lead the way; create a different path for the child or young person to take?

Murray Hall Therapeutic Services has worked with fully qualified, professional Dramatherapists to develop a toolkit with a range of creative activities that can remove and breakdown barriers to learning and social interaction.

The ‘Change the Game’ Toolkit Training is delivered by professionals from the Looking Forward team during a day long course. The training is designed to be interactive & fun, providing participants with a range of effective methods & tools to engage groups in a safe, fun & transformational way.

What can I gain by attending?

  • Learn creative & innovative ways of engaging young people.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the social dynamics of small groups.
  • Develop strategies to increase interaction between children & young people.
  • Recognise & manage difficult behaviours & situations.
  • Learn how to use creative expressive tools & strategies to boost self confidence.

We believe that the ‘Change the Game’ Toolkit is beneficial to anyone who has a role requiring them to engage Young People & provide emotional support or who has experience of facilitating youth groups & want to increase your range of skills, tools & techniques.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Toolkit please email LookingForward@greatbridge.org.uk or call 01902 826306.

Download our Change the Game Flyer and Booking Form