What is Looking Forward

Looking Forward is a programme working in Sandwell, providing support to improve the emotional health and well-being of children, young people and families through a range of individual creative therapeutic interventions and activities.

Who are we?

We are a team of professionals working for Murray Hall Community Trust Therapeutic Services. Murray Hall is a registered charity set up to support the social, health, welfare, educational and recreational interests of people living in Sandwell, we have been providing support to children and young people for a number of years through various therapeutic programmes, Looking Forward is the newest of these programmes.

Who do we work with?

Looking Forward will work with any child or young person between the age of 5 & 18 who lives or goes to school in Sandwell and has been affected by domestic violence, abuse, self-harm or separation/loss. The service is completely voluntary and we require consent from the child or parent before we can begin work.

What support do we offer?

When working individually with children and young people or with families an initial assessment will take place to ensure that the Looking Forward programme is appropriate for them. During the assessment an ‘Action Plan’ will be completed, this is used to outline a number of goals the young person or family wishes to work towards during therapy.

One-to-One clients will receive support for between 6 and 8 sessions, with families receiving between 8 and 10 sessions. On completion of sessions with an individual client the therapist will feedback to the school or referral source, this ensures that any techniques or areas worked on during these sessions can be continued and any progress maintained. This feedback will be subject to the consent of the child or young person.

Looking Forward also offers free confidential online chat based counselling to children and young people over 11 years old through Kooth.com. Children and Young People accessing Kooth can book or drop into chat sessions with counsellors between 12pm-10pm weekdays and 6pm-10pm on weekends. Young People accessing Kooth also have the option of using various ‘self help’ forums or articles; all of which are monitored.

Click here to learn about the different types of support that we offer!


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