Looking out for your mates isn’t as hard as you think.


Every year one in four of us experience a mental health problem. This can be an awkward subject for anyone to talk about but you don’t need to be an expert, just looking out for your mates can make a big difference.

Take a few minutes to listen to Matt & Tim talk about how the little things can be really important when it comes to helping a friend get through difficult times.


You can also have a read of blogs such as Rikki’s. Rikki talks about how his friends have helped him though his difficulties with anxiety & depression. He also gives five really helpful tips for friends who are trying to support someone with mental health issues.

  1. Remain open minded & listen.
  2. Tell your mate that you’re there for them & that they’re not alone in this.
  3. Help your friend find positive escapism.
  4. Stay in contact.
  5. Tell your mate that they’re important to you.

If one of your friends needs to talk to you about mental health issues please take a look at Rikki’s blog:


& all the other resources & blogs on the Time to Change website.


If you are concerned one of your mates is holding something in, Time to Change has developed some top tip cards to help you start the conversation & make a difference. As well as the cards they have also created a leaflet to help you be there for your mates.

Videos provided by: time for change

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