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Who are Murray Hall & what is Shield?

At Murray Hall We believe that people are the agents of change in their own lives & our work is about developing self-esteem & a feeling of self-worth within communities & individuals.

We take a community development approach working to promote positive social change, empowering communities while reflecting & being sensitive to their needs & diversity.

Shield is a Project within Murray Hall that was commissioned with the aim of providing help to young people (aged 5-19) in Sandwell to feel happier, healthier & safer. We offer a range of evidence based interventions to support emotional wellbeing.

Ment4U is a new initiative designed to complement interventions already offered by Shield.

What does Ment4U offer young people?

Ment4U is a new Mentoring initiative developed with the aim of supporting young people (aged 5-19) in the following areas:

  • Improve socialisation/social skills
  • Confidence & self-esteem building
  • Emotional Awareness
  • Resilience building

Ment4U will offer young people a trained Volunteer who will meet with them on a 1:1 basis at either their school or a community venue for 6-8 sessions. Volunteers will work on specific target areas that a young person identifies at their first meeting; this could be ‘to meet new people in my area and make friends’ ‘Find a new hobby’ or simply ‘to be more confident’.

Volunteers will be trained in basic CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) & Protective Behaviours techniques and will use these to provide a programme tailored to the needs of each individual young person.

What we’re looking for

Volunteers Must:

  • Be aged 19 or over.
  • Have an ability to relate to & work with Young People.
  • Be a good listener.
  • Have an awareness of issues specific to young people (bullying, school issues, parents separating etc.)
  • Computer literate.
  • Be able to work creatively.
  • Encourage young people to engage with others socially e.g. encouraging them to attend interest & hobby groups.
  • Teach clients skills & coping mechanisms to increase self-esteem/confidence.
  • Contribute to a blog that can be used to educate others & provide self-help support.
  • Plan & attend presentations in schools & community organisations advertising the support Shield & Ment4U offer.

We would like Volunteers to:

  • Be able to drive & have access to a car/ or be comfortable travelling on public transport
  • Feel comfortable with social media
  • Have the ability to assist Young People with school related tasks (literacy and numeracy)

If you would like to be involved in the Ment4U volunteering programme, or just want a bit more information about what we offer please:

Call the Shield Office on 01902 826 305

Or email

You can also download our leaflet for free so you can give it to anyone you think might be interested in volunteering with Ment4U.

Ment4U Flyer



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